An agreement between lenders to share a commitment to extend funds (if any), the extension of funds, and the credit risk for one or more credit facilities to a borrower. Almost always evidenced by a written agreement. American Banker Glossary
The amount of loan or bond issue taken directly from another direct lender or underwriter. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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participate par‧tic‧i‧pate [pɑːˈtɪspeɪt ǁ pɑːr-] verb [intransitive]
1. if someone participates in the management of a company, they help make important decisions, for example by being on the board of directors:
participate in

• Investors can participate in the management of the company they invest in, but must keep ownership at less than 50%.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES if employees of a company participate in its profits, they receive part of them:
participate in

• The workers have a stake in the corporation's success and they participate in its growth and profits.

3. FINANCE if investors who are members of mutual S (= financial institutions such as some insurance companies, without shareholders) participate in their profits, they receive a share of the profits in addition to the normal payments from their investments
— participation noun [uncountable] :

Employee participation in corporate decisions helps reduce absenteeism.

• Members also benefit from their participation in the profits of the mutual company.

• the impact of worker participation schemes on enterprise performance

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   Part ownership of an oil venture or operation, by a company or government. It can also refer to a mortgage loan made jointly by two or more lenders.

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participation UK US /pɑːˌtɪsɪˈpeɪʃən/ noun [U]
the act of taking part in an event or activity: »

Management must fully explain the changes and listen to concerns before asking for employee participation.

participation (of sb) in sth »

Staff participation in professional conferences is encouraged by the management.


We're talking about what we can do to stimulate the participation of women entrepreneurs in the economy.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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